Design Objective: Choose a household tool to simplify into a two-color logo. Create three illustrations graphically reducing the tool into its simplest form. Create a minimum of fifteen thumbnails for possible logos of said tool. Digitize the chosen logo, including logotype, with the name of the brand and a tagline and make a mockup of the logo being used on/with the product in some way.
Design Brief: The logo is for a fictional company called Wanderlust that sells portable record players. The name “Wanderlust” was chosen as it means a strong desire to travel, and the tagline “Sound Travels” was chosen to convey that the record players are portable. The logo depicts an open record player being used, in a portable case. The colors chosen are a light and a dark shade of a teal green because they are reminiscent of travel. The logo is primarily composed of the darker teal, with the only feature on the logomark in the light teal being the record playing on the player[AH1] , bringing greater emphasis to that feature. This is the same for the logotype, as the tagline stands out for the same reason, also being in that light teal.​​​​​​​
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