Design Objective: Create three posters about three social issues related to one overarching social issue. Choose a minimum of five stock photos for each poster and manipulate the photos into a poster that represents the social issue properly. Provide a brief description about each topic on the posters and include a website URL on each for the viewer to find more in-depth information.
Design Brief: The three topics for these posters are Sexual Abuse, Beauty Standards, and Lack of Medical Choices, all  to go with the overarching topic of Issues Women Face. The first poster is about Sexual Abuse, featuring a human heart being held on a chain from a hand with spikes and an exploding heart in the background. This poster represents how many women feel chained by love to a person that  hurts them. A majority of sexual assaults happen to women by someone they already know and trust. The second poster is about Beauty Standards, depicting a white rose with blood spatter covering the petals and various medical and beauty tools at the bottom pointed at it. The white rose represents the woman in the situation, as she tries to use the tools to paint herself beautiful but doesn’t realize it’s hurting her in the process. This takes inspiration from the phrase “painting the roses red,” as many people think of only red roses as beautiful, forgetting that the white rose was already beautiful before it was painted, an analogy for how women are consistently told that they cannot be beautiful without things like makeup or surgery. The third poster depicts a Lack of Medical Choices, showing a statue bust with a cloth over its eyes, blood dripping from it, a bloody barbed wire shaped gash on the neck and more blood spatter, and finally, a bloody red handprint on white cinderblock walls in the background. The bloodied cloth over the eyes refers to the old saying of “pulling the wool over someone’s eyes,” telling them something untrue and making them believe it, just as doctors often tell women they are overexaggerating or imagining their medical issues despite the blood showing that there is a problem. The white walls in the background are like the white walls of a hospital, representing the doctors in the situation with the bloody handprint on the wall showing that the doctors are caught “red handed.” They are the ones at fault for these issues. The posters follow a Z pattern layout, starting with the type in the top left, leading the viewer’s eye through the design until reaching the bottom where the information is provided. All three posters have their title and information in the top left corner, in a dark red color taken directly from the images. Each poster also has a red bar at the bottom with white type saying an inspirational message that includes a website for the viewer to find more information about the topic.
These pictures were edited to create one of the posters.
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