Design Objective: Design a mobile truck business including branding for the truck and all collateral pieces. Design an identity packet and collateral that utilizes a branded pattern. Create a series of three GIFs advertising the business or products.
Design Brief: Punk ā€˜Nā€™ Roll is a mobile clothing brand that focuses on alternative styled clothing. The logo is of a skull with spiked hair and a spiked collar to characterize the alternative style of the brand. The colors chosen for the logo and branding are various shades of green and purple to represent the style. The patterns that wrap around the truck, and are used in the rest of the branding, are of spikes, stitches, and barbed wire. The background color of the truck utilizes the darkest shade of purple, whereas the rest of the branding, including logo, pattern, slogan, and social media handle, utilize the lighter colors. This color scheme is also used on the identity packet. The collateral included a hoodie that could be sold or worn by employees and a clothing tag that would be on all the products. The three GIFs are of a person modeling different types of clothing and accessories available in the Punk ā€˜Nā€™ Roll shop. The first GIF is of different chokers, the second is of t-shirts, and the third is of pants and skirts with patterned tights.
Style Guide
Truck Mockup
Identity Packet
GIF Campaign
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