Design Objective: Design branding for the 2023 CVCC Vision Art Show. Taking inspiration from previous years, create a minimum of five thumbnails of possible designs for a comp of the Vision branding. Create a minimum of two roughs for these designs. Using the final design, produce a banner, postcard, and a yard sign including all proper Vision logos and marketing.
Design Brief: The comp features the silhouette of a person leaning on a wall. Around it is a group of lights, each with a different picture within the bulb shining a different color. This gives the effect that each of the pictures are glowing and creating more visual interest. Some of the pictures used within the bulbs are from the CVCC photography students, as the Vision Art Show is also for the photography students to show their work, so it was important to show some of their work within the design as well. The background of the comp is of many different colored bokeh lights to give the illusion that there are more of these lights with images in them that are just out of focus. The final design for the banner, postcard, and yard sign includes the comp with the Vision logo, as well as the accompanying art  show branding.​​​​​​​
Digital Comp
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